Around Town at Saratoga Beer Week

Just a short post today. Friday Richard and I headed up to Saratoga to check out a few of the events going on for Saratoga Beer Week.

First up was the Bourbon County Vertical at Saratoga City Tavern, featuring the last three vintages of the stout. Very subtle differences between the three, and I know most people say they like BCS with a couple of years on it but I actually preferred the 2012.

After we stopped at Henry Street Taproom to check in on what our friends at Craft Beer Guild and Remarkable Liquids had lined up for their Extreme Beer Pairing class earlier that day. Richard snagged a flight of the extreme beers but a bottle of the Gozu in the fridge caught my eye. At 4% ABV it is not a big beer, but the combination of the base beers sour and salty flavor along with the Yuzu juice makes this an extremely flavorful offering.

Next we headed over to Esperanto’s to break Richard’s cherry on one too many doughboys. I’ve had my issues in the past with these things shrinking in size but these were actually back up to snuff, not to mention as tasty as ever. He’s a convert for sure.

We intended to make it over to The Local to check out their Adventure in Food beer pairing with Bell’s, but after the doughboys I decided I didn’t really need any more beer, nor food so we passed.

With only being up there for a few hours on just one night, we didn’t really get to check out that much of the the week long activities. The ones that stood out on my radar the most were the classes offered at the Henry Street Taproom, though those classes generally start at 2. Next year I’m definitely going to have to take an afternoon to participate in one.

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