Hunahpu Weekend

With Hunahpu Day on the horizon I’ve had a few people reach out to me for recommendations on what else to do while in Tampa for the weekend. I’ve teased some of these pictures from our trip to Florida last year in the past but I’ve never actually done a post on the weekend so I figured now is as good of a time as any to share these pictures while giving a few recommendations.

Peg’s Cantina Barrel Day
If you aren’t already planning on getting into town on Friday, definitely plan on doing so. Peg’s Cantina does their Barrel Day the day before Hunahpu Day, and along with that a huge bottle share for the BeerAdvocate and TalkBeer folks. The bottle list is already looking stupid. If you go, represent big from wherever you’re from. Last year Peg’s even had growlers for some of the first people who showed up (I was not that lucky). There’s a nice little hot dog/ice cream shop a couple of a stores away if you need to cool down (although it’s only supposed to be in the 70s this weekend).

Hunahpu Day
This one goes without saying. They’re doing things differently this year, limiting the amount of people and also selling tickets beer fest style with unlimited tastings. This should definitely make things move along a little more smoothly, without waiting in line for HOURS prior to opening the gates. Tons of great beer from all over the country, killer bottle share, good tunes and great people. Not much more you can ask for.

Hunahpu’s Hangover Day at 7venth Sun
7venth Sun puts on a little more low key event to follow up Hunahpu Day. Still some really killer sours, some one off variants of not only their beers but also guest beers, like doughnut aged “Hannahpu” last year. First people in line might even find bottles available.

Dunedin Brewing
This was walking distance from 7venth Sun so we decided to go here before Hangover Day. Nice little spot for lunch, good bar food and beers, too. We were able to snag the Subtropical Farmhouse Ale collaboration with 7venth Sun and Cigar City here last year as well.

BONUS: Charley’s Steakhouse
Last year we got to Cigar City right at 6 AM and left some time in the afternoon, you can stay later, obviously but we had had our fill and still hadn’t recovered from our 20+ hour drive down to FL. After a quick nap we woke up with quite the appetite and decided to walk over to the restaurant next door to our hotel, Charley’s Steakhouse.

It’s a white linen napkins and tablecloth kinda place, with a wood and leather decor that would make Ron Burgundy feel right at home. Not as casual as we were feeling after an entire day of drinking beer out in the sun, but that didn’t really matter. We were there for one thing: steak. Elise likes things on the leaner side and ordered the filet stuffed with blue cheese, and I went with a dry-aged bone-in wagyu. This was one of those kind of splurges I can only justify to myself when on a trip and at a restaurant where I say to myself “when I am every going to be here again?”. Thankfully, it was completely worth it and these are steaks we still talk about today. Perfectly charred at 1200 degrees over citrus & oak wood. I’m salivating right now just looking at the pictures.

We’re not making it to Hunahpu Day this year, unfortunately. You lucky bastards who are going enjoy yourselves (it’s tough not to). Anyone want to gopickitupformebro? Bueller?

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