A Deal With A Donkey Night

Last month Brobro, Mike and I lucked into an extra set of bottles that were on shelves at Hill Farmstead that week. It was an incredible lineup of Civil Disobedience 9, 3F Hommage, and Anchorage’s A Deal with a Devil. Rather than splitting the individual bottles up between us, we decided it would be better to pool our money and get together to open the bottles one night between the three of us. It was a night of decadence and excess to say the least.

Of course a few other bottles were opened up, including some recent bottles we had come in from the West Coast. The Saison Bernice is one of my favorite beer pictures I’ve taken in a long time.

Foodwise we kicked the night off with some pork and potatoes on the grill, but since we all picked up Hill Farmstead Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup while we were up there, I definitely needed to find a way to incorporate it into our night. I’m not one for sweet breakfasts, but for dessert it worked perfectly. The night before I glazed some bacon with the syrup ahead of time to be chopped up and crumbled on top of the Everett waffles. We topped things off with some ice cream from local favorite The Snowman and finished it off with a drizzle of the bourbon barrel aged syrup.

To rub things in a little further, a little GIF action of the sizzurp:
Hill Farmstead Fancy Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup

All in all a #ThanksForTheInvite night for the record books. Stay tuned for pics for next weekend’s Beef and Beer Fest!

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