Trillium Anniversary Dinner at Armsby Abbey

Gonna keep this post short and sweet as to not get backed up on the impending Troy Craft Beer Week posts. Last month Armsby Abbey celebrated their sixth anniversary and as with every year they pair up with one of the area’s hottest breweries to finish off the month of celebrations with a dinner of epic proportions. This year was no different and they teamed up with local favorites Trillium Brewing.

Trillium brought several beers I likely would not have gotten my hands on otherwise like their Double Pot & Kettle, Heavy Mettle, and Double Dry Hopped Congress Street. As usual, the evening started off with an delicious array of cheese, house charcuterie, fruit, veggies and fresh baked bread from Crust. Following the reception were selections from Chef Damian such as the return of Compressed Watermelon (with beets this time), intensely citrusy Stripped Sea Bass Ceviche, Head on Shrimp A la Plancha, and my personal favorite of the night (no surprise) Tarragon & White Pepper Brined Adams Farm Pork Belly.

As that night was also my birthday, the Arsmby staff surprised me with a candle on the final course, a Cinnamon Brioche Doughnut from Crust with Chocolate Pot & Kettle Ice Cream on the side. Absolutely outstanding.

As always the dinner was nothing short of amazing. Great to see so many friends from all over the Northeast (and Canada) make it to the event and to The Dive Bar after (yes, finally, I am no longer a Dive Bar virgin). Big thank you to the folks at Armsby and Trillium for making such a wonderful event possible!

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