Peck's Arcade

Birthday Dinner at Peck’s Arcade

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to my homies at Peck’s Arcade for putting together this impromptu tasting for my birthday last week. I showed up unannounced to sneak in a quick solo bite before meeting up for the debauchery that would ensue later at Rare Form, The Shop, and The Ruck. Chef Nick and his kitchen staff killed it as always. (Sadly I only had my phone with me so these pics will have to do.) Thank you, everyone!

Scrimps with black olive puree.

Peck's Arcade

Burrata with heirloom tomato

Peck's Arcade


Peck's Arcade

Proscuitto with grilled peaches and ricotta

Peck's Arcade

Duck leg confit with charred broccoli stalks, egg white vinaigrette, serrano peppers

Peck's Arcade


Peck's Arcade

Brownies and vanilla ice cream

Peck's Arcade

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