Lil’ Danny’s BIG NIGHT (Suarez Family Brewery x Gaskins) | Germantown, NY

A very cool event went down last week where one of the most anticipated breweries coming to New York next year made its Upstate NY debut: Suarez Family Brewery. Owner/Brewer Dan Suarez is a Hill Farmstead alum and his beers are definitely something worth seeking out when the brewery opens in early 2016. Some pilot brews made an appearance, like How Are We and Big Night, along with collaborations done with Threes Brewing and Brewery at Bacchus.

It was great to see a huge show of support from other local breweries in or around the Hudson Valley such as Plan Bee, Brewery at Bacchus, Threes, The Brooklyn Brewery at the CIA, Sloop, and Connecticut’s Kent Falls (and I’m sure I’m missing others who were also in attendance).

The venue is this amazing hidden gem in Germantown that usually serves a variety of seasonally focused dishes and comfort food (please check out this amazing piece from And North), but since Gaskins is closed on Wednesdays, the menu featured for the event was more pub-style with with hot dogs, sausages from Daughters, chili, and Frito pie to go along with the hella tasty brews.

I had the chance to check out their space when Dan and Ty bought their building back in March (photo below) and they’ve made a ton of progress since then (follow along for updates on the Suarez Family Brewery and Good Food Jobs Instagram accounts). Suarez Family Brewery is slated to open in the beginning of 2016, and sadly I have a feeling that some of the collabs we’ve been seeing lately will become less frequent as they hunker down towards the grand opening and then dial in their new system. Until then, keep an eye out on their Facebook page for more info and start getting thirsty.

Suarez Family Brewery

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