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The Ides at Wythe Hotel

Took a weekend right before the holidays to head down to NYC with a few friends and like usual, explore a bit, show them some of my favorite spots, check out some new ones, and grab some good food and drink. Some of the places I’ve been to in the past so I’ve included pictures from past visits as well.

Di Fara

Usually there’s a bit of a wait at Di Fara but we lucked out that day and were in and out in less than a hour. Pizza legend DeMarco was there as always (it’s supposedly closed when he’s not around) handmaking and putting the finishing touches including clipping basil with scissors on each pie. We went with the traditional New York Style with Di Fara Classic toppings, but the Sicilian looks like it’s worth checking out on my next visit. The pizza was some of the best I’ve ever had and I’m not sure what’s taken me song long to get there. Di Fara shows up on a lot of “Best Of” pizza lists and rightfully so, definitely put this place on your pizza bucket list.


I’ve been to Tørst a million times but I don’t think it’s ever been on the blog. It’s a great beer bar, recently awarded the best beer bar in New York at the Rate Beer Best I was at this past weekend, the staff is amazing especially when you get to know them (bring gifts), and the beer selection always offers something interesting. It you plan ahead in the back of the bar is Luksus, and two time Michelin Star winning restaurant under the tutelage of Chef Daniel Burns that is worth checking out for a special occasion.

Peter Pan Donuts / Spritzenhaus33 / Dirck the Norseman / The Ides at Wythe Hotel

I split off from the guys for a bit while they checked out Other Half and Threes (both of which I love and have featured here on the blog in the past, but with having been to both two weeks prior, I wanted to check out some new things). I met up with a the owner/brewmaster of the forthcoming Lineup Brewing Katarina Martinez and she showed me around a few places that wouldn’t have normally been on my radar. We snagged the last doughnuts of the day at Peter Pan Donuts and snuck them into a nearby beer hall. Even though it was December it was still warm enough for Spritzenhaus33 to have their walls retracted for a really nice wide open outdoor beer garden experience. We followed that up with a flight and some snacks at Dirck the Norseman and then cocktails with one of the best views of the city I’ve ever seen, at The Ides bar at Wythe Hotel (pictured at the top of this post).

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Of the many options we had for the weekend, Ssäm Bar was at the top of all of our lists. I’ve made a few Ssäm Bar recipes for the guys from the Momofuku cookbook that killed so we already knew we were in for a great meal. Dammit these pork buns are good and inspire to perfect my versions at home. Sadly the adjacent cocktail lounge was closed, but I got my fix with the Mountainside cocktail that was available in the restaurant proper. I finished up my meal with the pig head with melon, Thai basil, queso fresco.

Momofuku Milk Bar

Milk Bar is another joint that I find myself at pretty often (their pastries to go are a great payment for puppy sitting services). Crack Pie is an absolute must, as are the the Birthday Truffles and Corn Cookies. Skip the Cereal Milk, or at least go with it in soft serve form.

Russ & Daughters

I have a love affair with Jewish appetizing I’m not ashamed to admit. And Russ & Daughters is the best of the best in that game. I generally get a Super Heebster to eat there, and then bring home a bunch of goodies to pick on through out the week. They offer thermal bags with ice packs for those making the travel back Upstate. Like most good things in the city, don’t be surprised if there’s a bit of a wait.

Fool’s Gold

Our last stop before returning home was Fool’s Gold, only a block away from Russ & Daughters and the park where we munched on our morning bagels. As we don’t get Tired Hands in Upstate NY, we all crushed some HopHands and SaisonHands before the trek home.

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  1. Living about 30 minutes from NYC I’ve had my share of NYC experiences but honestly you have really done me one better. I would like to replicate this whole blog post because every place looks amazing.

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