Peck's Arcade

Peck’s Arcade Italian-Grandma Dinner

Before the new year the crew at Peck’s Arcade held another popup, this time a dinner in the style of your “Italian Grandma” rather than the noodle shop popups they have done in the past. The event was held a few times over the holidays and all of the classics were there, such as lasagna, homemade pasta, parm dishes and meatballs. Tables were decked out in iconic red and white checked tablecloths and a few Italian inspired cocktails were offered along with Italian and Italian-American wine. Italian-American cuisine is not something I go out for too often since I have a pretty good grasp of it at home, but it’s always nice to sit back, relax and let Chef Nick and his team do the cooking while sitting at the Chef’s Counter for a little entertainment for the evening. Let’s take a look:

crostini | ricotta, peperonata

Peck's Arcade

meatballs | cici’s recipe

Peck's Arcade

mozzarella | en carozza

Peck's Arcade

potatoes and eggs | vic’s favorite

Peck's Arcade

stuffed artichokes | roasted garlic

Peck's Arcade

chicken parm | rigatoni

Peck's Arcade

linguine vongole | clams, chilies, parsley

Peck's Arcade

cannoli | chocolate chip, pistachio

Peck's Arcade

tiramisu | whipped cream rosette


sgroppino | lemon sorbet, vodka, prosecco

Peck's Arcade

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