field notes | colonie, ny

I’ve been checking out the Tuesday night Field Notes pop-ups at Rare Form Brewing Company for a while now. It’s a convenient walk from my new place, I can grab the pooch and head over to see what new dishes Joan and Kyle are cooking up with some always fresh ingredients from Lansing Farm and wash them down with whatever’s new and crisp at Rare Form.

Saturday mornings they’re at the Troy Farmers Market, where they can be found saving my butt from a hangover with such goodies as their own take on the McRib or their delicious cider doughnuts (although I am far from ready for cider doughnut season just yet).

Later on the weekends you’ll find them at the farm, serving up a rotating menu sourced from fresh ingredients mostly picked right there at the farm for their Saturday night farm dinners and Sunday brunches. Last week I got the chance to visit the farm, share a couple of beers and take a some pics of a few of their dishes while they did some prep work for their busy weekend schedule.


Everything was incredibly delicious (including some perfectly sweet and juicy corn that was unloaded right there as I was shooting). With this sneak peek at their weekend menus, I’m certainly looking forward to checking out one of their dinners as soon as I have a free Saturday night.


It is such a treat to see these two chefs put this much care and attention to detail in their dishes, with a huge focus on such hyper local ingredients. This is a true rarity in this area, and a movement we should be fostering with our full support. Whether it’s at the Troy Farmers Market, Rare Farm, or their own home at Lansing Farm, make sure to give Fields Notes some love soon.


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