Hamlet & Ghost | Saratoga Springs, NY

Hamlet & Ghost
the spice house | anejo tequila, ancho reyes, cacao nib, orange bitters

If you follow me on Instagram, it should be no surprise I’m absolutely head over heels with Hamlet & Ghost. It is a go to anytime I’m in Saratoga, or even just a quick stop on my way to Common Roots and back. They are serving up some of the best cocktails in the Capital Region, and their food is just as on point as well. As both their food and drink menus have been evolving quickly, some of the items pictured here may have changed, but here are some of my favorite dishes and cocktails I’ve enjoyed there on my many visits since they’ve opened up.

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Pig’s Head at Peck’s Arcade | Troy, NY

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I wanted to share this spectacular dinner I was treated to over at Peck’s Arcade last week.

While drinking some shandy’s and eating tacos over at the Suarez Family Brewing event at Superior Merchandise Co. last Sunday, we got talking to Chef Nick Ruscitto about the pig’s head we’ve seen at Peck’s in the past and when he might have another one available. It’s not something that’s on the menu, but they’ll occasionally have one that they’ll split in half and serve family style to two parties of 4-6 people. We were in luck, and they had one available that we ended up reserving for later on that week.

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#RallyForKuma Raffle



Well today is the big day. Today we’re drawing the winners of all of these bottles for the #RallyForKuma raffle. Holy shit is this a huge showing of support for my little pooch. And this doesn’t even include the swag and cans that I couldn’t even fit in this pic, boxes that are being shipped out from other states, and I still have a few more to announce before the drawing, too.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people who donated boxes for the raffle, and to thank everyone who donated to Kuma’s GoFundMe. You truly did save Kuma and he wouldn’t be here today without all of your help.

This afternoon Kuma has another appointment at his vet to get his fluid drained since Monday is a holiday. After that, I’m going to go home and download the names of the donors from his GoFundMe page and sort out the raffle entries from the regular donations. *Please* make sure your donation comment has #RallyForKuma (I’m including the old hashtag as well) so I know if you are participating or not. You can edit your donation comment through your donation confirmation email.

Later tonight I’ll be getting together with some of the guys to help do the drawings. Hopefully we can have some fun with it and make it a little entertaining instead of me just hitting a button on a random number generator website while staring a spreadsheet full of names. Since @indylikesbeer Ross will be there, I’m sure there will be some chug vids. More on that later.

Kuma’s back home, and has since recovered from his two lung surgeries. We’re still battling his chylothorax, a condition where a fatty lymph fluid called chyle fills up his lungs. We’re taking him to his vet twice this week to get this fluid drained from his chest, and we’ll be heading out for a follow up visit to Cornell on the 14th. There’s a lot more info on my Instagram feed where I’ve been publishing updates as I hear them from the doctors, and there’s a little bit of a summary on Kuma’s GoFundMe page.


A couple of years ago we did a beer raffle for my buddy Ross’ dog Indy. We raised a bunch of money to help with Indy’s vet bills and help him kick cancer’s ass. I’m hoping we can do the same for Kuma.


I’m digging deep in my cellar and pulling out a lot of gems that mean a lot to me, but won’t mean anything without Kuma. I have a ton of friends that are going to donate boxes of beer and whiskey as well, and as of right now there are about a dozen potential prizes that you could win. (Updating this post as I get the donation boxes in.)


I plan on drawing the winners on Friday, July 1st. Make sure to indicate you’re entering the raffle by using #RallyForKuma in your donation comment. (If you forget, you can edit your comment through your donation confirmation email.) For every $10 you donate to Kuma’s GoFundMe page you’ll be getting a chance to win one of these boxes:

Brasserie Cantillon

  • 2016 Lambic D’Aunis
  • 2016 Cantillon Cuvée Saint-Gilloise
  • 2015 Vigneronne
  • 2011 Lou Pepe Framboise


3 Fonteinen

  • 2010 Schaerbeekse Kriek
  • 2013 Hommage
  • 2014 Framboos
  • 2014 Oude Geuze Golden Blend 750ml


Hill Farmstead

  • 2013 Biere de Norma
  • 2014 Le Sarrasin
  • 2014 Art
  • 2014 Six Years


Sante Adairius

  • Nonna’s Blend #8
  • 2015 Westly
  • West Ashley
  • Four Legs Good



  • Allagash @Patagonia Ironwood Pack 20L
  • Allagash Trucker Hat
  • Allagash @Miir Vacuum Insulated Bottle 800ml
  • Allagash Bottle Opener
  • 2015 Allagash Coolship Resurgam
  • 2015 Allagash Coolship Red



  • 2015 3Fontenein Oude Geuze
  • 2011 Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella
  • Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett
  • Backacre Sour Golden Ale


Vic & Heather | Lucas Confectionary/Peck’s

  • 2013 HORAL’s Oude Geuze Mega Blend
  • 2012/2013 Tilquin Oude Gueuze
  • 2012/2013 Tilquin Oude Quetsche
  • 2012 BFM Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chien

Whiskey Box | John Johnson + James Pouliot

  • E.H. Taylor, Jr. Single Barrel
  • Thomas H. Handy Sazerac
  • The Macallan Cask Strength


Trillium #1 | Paul Upham

  • Raspberry Soak
  • Wild Sinister Kid
  • Melcher Street
  • Hundred Thousand Trillion (their collab with Other Half)


MenSA | Mike Smith/Greg Pasicznyk/Ben Harris

  • 2012 Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella
  • Hill Farmstead Flora with Plums
  • Hill Farmstead Flora Blue/Black
  • OEC Oudilis Cerasus
  • OEC Oudilis


A weekend at Nürburgring and the Porsche Museum | Germany


A year ago, I didn’t even have a passport. It was always one of those things where as much as I travel around the US, and had hoped to do some traveling overseas, it never really felt like it was something I was ever going to do. Then last summer I told myself to get off my ass, make myself an appointment at the Vermont Passport Agency, and stop using not having a passport as an excuse to not do some of the trips I’ve been wanting to do.

Since then I’ve taken a couple trips to Canada, the Caribbean, and now an epic bucket list trip to Belgium and Germany. You guys know I’m into food and drink, but those who know me well also know that I’m a bit of a car guy too. I grew up in my family’s auto parts store, dove head first into the Japanese car enthusiast culture during my “Fast & Furious” phase, and as my tastes have matured I’ve grown quite fond of the VW/Audi/Porsche group of vehicles and have owned a few of them as well.

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Exploring Hudson (and beyond)


Seems like more and more lately I find myself heading towards Hudson and the surrounding areas. Too often I hop on the Thruway and head straight to New York City. I’ve done that for years now, missing out on all of this goodness that has been less than an hour drive from me.

Gaskins in Germantown and Suarez Family Brewing in Livingston are a big draw for me, but I really hadn’t done much in Hudson itself until a few months ago. So far, everything I’ve stumbled upon or that’s been recommended by friends has been pretty great. Let’s take a look.

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Common Roots x Rare Form Beer Dinner at Henry Street Taproom

Common Roots x Rare Form Beer Dinner at Henry Street Taproom

After surviving (barely) another Saratoga Beer Week I finally have the chance to share with you guys some pictures from last Monday’s beer dinner at Henry Street Taproom featuring beer from two of my favorite local breweries, Common Roots up in South Glens Falls and Rare Form down in Troy. Ryan and Sonja McFadden, along with Chef AJ Richards teamed up with brewmasters Christian Weber and Kevin Mullen to bring some unique dishes and beer pairings to a sold out crowd Monday Night. Let’s take a look:

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