night of the great thirst // ebenezer’s pub | lovell, me

This past weekend I finally got a chance to make my way back up to Ebenezer’s Pub for their Belgian Beer Fest, Night of the Great Thirst Edition. The weekend it occurs usually falls on the same weekend as my birthday (it fell on my birthday this year) so a lot of years I find myself having other commitments that prevent me from coming up. The last time I was able to attend was back in 2013, and there’s a whole bunch more info pertaining to the event and its history in this post. Even this year it was a last minute thing, but once I got the green light I made the five hour drive from Upstate NY early that morning.

No visit to Eb’s is complete without hitting the bar for that always impeccable draft list and some incredible food, plus it’s always a good idea to get some grub before drinking sour beer for several hours straight. The fish and chips washed down with some Tipopils did not disappoint.

Still having some time to kill while the fest was getting set up, I reconnected with some old friends and met some online friends but had not met in person yet. I could tell people were still recovering from the previous night’s shenanigans.

Like the previous time I was there, the fest operated on coins you purchased upon entering the fest. Some of the beer is available for pours, while other bottles you chip in your coins with a few others to split the bottles together. This year’s featured brewer was Raf with his lambic blends from Bokkereyder. I’ve been out of the beer trading game for a while now, so without this fest I likely would not have been able to try any of these incredible blends. Having never tried any of Raf’s beer before, I was happy to split a couple bottles with friends and get pours of some of the others.

Kool Keith in the house! Sadly after putting some 10+ hours in the driver’s seat that weekend and many hours of drinking beer, I was unable to stay awake for his performance later that night/earlier that morning.

Incredible to see this lambic and gueuze on cask. First I’ve ever seen in the country.

Crushed Out kept the tunes going all night.

Yves Panneels, from Belgium’s Night of the Great Thirst Gueuze & Lambic Festival and co-owner of The Pub with Insurance Against the Great Thirst, returned again this year and following the fest gave a another lecture on lambic and gueuze while participants tasted rare beer.

Late night is always followed by what else? More beers by the fire.

An amazing event as always. Part of me attends these events and I think “Where the hell are all the people??” The events are never what I would say is poorly attended, but I’m always surprised that when a collection of these people and these beers are so available at this type of an event, on top of the option to camp out, bottle share and grill along with the great food and drafts available, there isn’t hordes of people showing up. Ebenezer’s events totally deserve that kind of buzz happening for them. But another part of me feels like that if that happened, this low key and intimate event would lose some of its charm. Regardless, it’s incredible to see someone like Chris Lively be so dedicated to the beer and his craft, like no other bar owner I’ve seen. Thank you for doing what you do, Chris.

nine pin yappy hour | albany, ny

I stopped by Nine Pin on this weekend because I am a sucker for a Yappy Hour and taking photos of some good doggos. This past Sunday, Nine Pin teamed up with Mugzy’s Barkery to offer some treats for the dogs along with mimosas, ciders, beer, and mead for the parents as well.

As I mentioned above, this week they were making mimosas with fresh squeezed orange juice and Cider Monster, too. I hope that’s something they keep doing, they were so refreshing!

While Nine Pin is always dog friendly, their next Yappy Hour is scheduled for September 17th from 1-4pm. Make sure to bring your pup and check it out!

sloop collar city bomb // troy craft beer week

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to tag along and document the Collar City Bomb brew day down at Sloop Brewing in Elizaville. A team of bar owners, their staff, and other beer industry folks from the Troy area assembled at the brewery for a convivial gather of eating, drinking, brewing, and planning the upcoming Troy Craft Beer Week. Some of the people knew each other for years, while others were meeting for the first time, but everyone involved was excited for the day, and it was nice to see such progress being made with the camaraderie of everyone in the Troy beer scene.

The group I was with started the day by meeting at Troy Beverage Center so we could all carpool together on the way down. (Thanks for the lift Kushan!) We had some folks from Craft Beer Guild, Lucas Confectionary, Slidin’ Dirty, and Wolff’s Biergarten in our car. It was definitely a tight fit but both the ride down and back were filled with shenanigans and I think everyone had a blast.

As soon as we arrived to Sloop we grabbed a few more beers and made introductions before heading into the brewery. I started off the day with Brett Blend #1, which showed a refreshingly restrained amount of tartness compared to most of Sloop’s sours.

In the brewery itself, Justin gave us an in depth tour of Sloop’s space, the process behind their beers, and more on the Collar City Bomb we were brewing for Troy Craft Beer Week.

Later on back in the tasting room, Adam had prepared a tasty lunch for us, featuring his take on DiNic’s roast beef and broccoli rabe sandwich. The sous vide roast beef was grill finished and came out incredible.

After lunch, Adam brought the group around few other sections of the farm to see some of the animals and hops they’re growing. Every farm brewery has to have goats, right?

After we wrapped up at Sloop, I reached out to Dan over at the nearby Suarez Family Brewery to see if we could drop by quick even though it was a brew day. He, Tay, Matt (and Enzo and Chicken) were more than accommodating.

The last few of us stragglers from the original group ended the day with one final stop. More beer and some extra hot wings at The Ruck, of course.

Keep an eye out for more information on Collar City Bomb and where it will be on draft in the Capital Region during Troy Craft Beer Week coming up September 11th through the 16th. It will also be available at the Collar City Beer Invitational happening at Takk House on the 15th.

tno: dog bar at henry loves betty | troy, ny

Have you checked out Henry Loves Betty‘s new spot on 1st street yet? It’s a much bigger space, allowing owner Paula to offer some new and some expanded services to pet owners in the area, including doggy daycare, grooming, and a self serve dog bath as well. Along with all of that, this past Troy Night Out Paula brought in Dave from The Ruck to sling some beers so dog owners could have a drink while letting their furry friends have a chance to mingle. It was a fun night for dog and beer lovers, so if you missed your chance make sure to check it out next month.

sloop x people’s pub | chatham, ny

Early this week I had the opportunity to head down to Chatham and capture another one of these amazing beer dinners at The People’s Pub, this time paired up with Elizaville’s Sloop Brewing. I’ve been a huge fan of what Chef Kouri’s been doing in the kitchen, from last year’s Chatham Brewing beer dinner, stops I’ve made just for dinner and a pint, to the Asian-inspired pop up they did at Nine Pin. After this night I’m looking even more forward to one of their Sunday brunches on my way down to make my usual weekend visits to Suarez Family and Sloop.

This dinner was definitely on the hoppy side, with Adam from Sloop bringing a round of their newest IPAs (all new to me) and one of their ciders to the party, while Chef Kouri kept things interesting with highlights such a foie gras infused whipped ricotta, Arnies Cider sugar glass, and an absolutely eye opening experience with confit pig’s tail from Lover’s Leap. Thanks for having me again guys, looking forward to the next one!

angus getting things done
stone ground oat pancake, foie gras infused whipped ricotta, fennel, green island syrup paired with green island oat ipa

tempura atlantic smelt, peach blood orange aioli, dill salt paired with pixie dust summer ipa
tequila and juice bomb beer cocktail
doubleplusgood molasses lacquered pigtail confit, blood orange salt, lemon sugar shine paired with doubleplusgood citra dipa

a rare smile captured from sloop’s adam watson

organic apple, arnies own cider glass sugar, ginger cotton candy paired with arnies own cider