Hudson Whiskey & Rye Beer at Henry Street Taproom | Saratoga Springs, NY

Tuesday may have kicked off Saratoga Beer Week but at that night’s Hudson Whiskey & Rye Beer event, the whiskey stole the show. Ryan and Sonja McFadden of Henry Street hosted us while Ralph Erenzo from Tuthilltown Spirits led us through a series of Hudson Whiskey spirits and Jared Kingsley from Remarkable Liquids shared a handful of beers from their portfolio all of which tied rye into the recipe.

Hudson Whiskey is an interesting brand. It started life on farm land in Gardiner, NY owned by Ralph Erenzo, and he has no qualms about telling stories of trials and tribulations of getting production off the ground. Difficulties were met while dealing with uncooperative neighbors who were against the idea of having a distillery nearby, and production issues arose when the honey-melting tank they used to mash their grain lacked a drain, attributing to their unique process of leaving the grains in during fermentation. This gives the final product its signature grainy flavor, a process they still use today.

While still produced by Tuthilltown, the Hudson Whiskey brand is now owned Scotch whisky giant William Grant & Sons, who also own recognizable brands such as Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and The Mcallan. The 375ml wax dipped bottles generate some controversy in the whiskey world as the pricepoint fetches near $80 for its 750ml equivelant, but I assure you, it’s worth the price of admission for a special occassion. Let’s take a look at the whiskies and beer we tried that night.

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Peck’s Arcade | Troy, NY

Having missed the grand opening, last week I got the chance to sit down with Kim from The Simple Treat to check out the latest venture from Vic Chistopher and Heather LaVine: Peck’s Arcade. (If you’ve already read Kim’s post on Peck’s you’ll recognize plenty of these dishes.)

I wanted to clear up some things that I’ve had some friends asking about: Peck’s Arcade is the same space that the Tavern Noodle popup was located, and is what was originally being called The Tavern. Peck’s sounds a little less generic and has a little more personality to the name (and I’m sure will ease some issues with social media and web searches for Vic and Heather). Peck’s is located on the Broadway side of their building near The Grocery, with Collar City Hard Pressed sandwiched between the two. Lastly, just because there is “Arcade” in the name it does not mean there are video games here, sorry. With that out of the way, let’s check out the pics of the night.

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Bacon Fest at The City Beer Hall

Bacon Fest at The City Beer Hall
Saturday was a beautiful day for the The City Beer Hall’s annual Bacon Fest. Perfect for sitting on the patio, catching up with friends, enjoying some cocktails, eating some pig and cooling down with some Nine Pin Cider. Let’s take a look at the food porn.

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New England Distilling Eight Bells Mojito (+Weekend Recap)

A little New England Distilling mojito for Elise while she was sunbathing and reading a book yesterday. Me? I wasted away the entire day sitting on the couch recovering from Saturday’s fairly successful first BBQ with the $20 Weber turned 5AM bottle share. No pics as I was busy as hell cooking but here’s the grill menu for the day:
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Tasting at New England Distilling

There was some time to kill in between our tours at Maine Brewing Company and Allagash, so we had the opportunity to stop by New England Distilling and check out the place. I’ve been following New England Distilling on FB for a while, and while planning our Portland trip and deciding on dinner at Grace, I saw that Grace was offering a cocktail barrel aged in New England’s own barrels. Having never had a barrel-aged cocktail before it was a no brainer, we had to stop by both.

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Little Preview of My Next Infusions

Infused Bourbon

Been light on the posts around here lately. It’s been busy as hell with the holidays and the shopping and the bottle shares and the friends from out of town stopping by and the traveling. You get the drift, I’m sure you all have your things keeping you busy. I have the next week off and should be getting back to our regularly scheduled programming after Christmas. Until then, here’s a sneak peak at my next infusion: same liquor three very different ways. It’s for a Christmas present so I’m keeping my lips sealed but I’ll give you all the juicy details soon. Happy Holidays!

Distillery Tour at Gold Harvest Farms / Harvest Spirits

— Our last “official” stop of the Cider Doughnut Tour brought us to Golden Harvest Farms in Valatie. Like any red-blooded American male would, Jon and I headed to distillery while Elise and Danielle made their rounds about the store front. No visit to the distillery is complete without a few tastes of their new spirits and grabbing something to take home as well.

It seems like there’s always something different or new going on every time I stop by Harvest Spirits. This time for me was watching them fill their bottles for the first time and checking out some of their infusion experiments that were tucked away on the wall right past their array of artistically decorated barrels.

Like I said, it’s almost impossible to walk away from their glassware and other trinkets without getting at least something before walking out the door. I had a tough time putting down the leather-bound Cornelius AppleJack hip flask gift set, but the rocking tumbler was my weakness of the day.

After meeting up with the girls in the country store, we grabbed some of their cider doughnuts which ended up being the best of the day. Some of the ones we had earlier in the day were cold, which is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially if I go out of my way to ask for warm ones. Some had gigantic holes in the center which led me to believe they were cut wrong or the dough didn’t expand as expected. These ones were just right, served at the right temperature, with the correct amount of fluffiness and just a little hint of grease from the frying. It was the best way we could have ended the tour.

Harvest Spirits (link) | 3074 U.S. 9, Valatie, NY (map) | All Cider Doughnut Tour Posts