Pipe Grill Table

Grilling on the $20 Weber has been a huge change. I much, much prefer grilling on charcoal, but since I am not lucky enough to have a Weber Performer (some day), the biggest drawback has been that there is no grill table. I’ve done a couple of big cookouts now, balancing trays on the deck posts, running in and out from the kitchen with food, hanging (the ones that can) my tools from the tool holder attachment. It hasn’t made things easy, and has added some unnecessary stress to what should be a completely enjoyable ‘cue.

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Looks like I’m all set to grill some pizza this summer!


Happy early birthday to me. :) Elise got me the KettlePizza a few months early (my birthday is in late August) so we have the whole summer to enjoy some coal and wood fired pizzas. Let the KettlePizza and Baking Steel hacks begin!

New England Distilling Eight Bells Mojito (+Weekend Recap)

A little New England Distilling mojito for Elise while she was sunbathing and reading a book yesterday. Me? I wasted away the entire day sitting on the couch recovering from Saturday’s fairly successful first BBQ with the $20 Weber turned 5AM bottle share. No pics as I was busy as hell cooking but here’s the grill menu for the day:
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Weber Silver to Weber Gold Upgrade

So yesterday my big shipment from Weber Grills came in and I pretty much immediately got to work tearing the grill apart and putting some elbow grease into making it look like new again. The previous owners didn’t take much care of it, but luckily after scrubbing away all of the filth it’s about 99% rust-free. I’m totally happy with that for $20.

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