Hey there just started following and I really enjoy your blog. I had a question for you though. I’m moving to Boston from San Diego in a few days and I was wondering what to expect from east coast beers, and if there were any specific breweries that I should know about? Any info is appreciated and have an awesome day.

Hey FUJ. Curious where you’re located – Buffalo? I’m taking a trip to VT in September to visit Alchemist, Lawson’s and Hill Farmstead. I’m extremely excited – any tips? Right now, the plan is to stay Fri-Sat-Sun at a cabin near Stowe. Breweries on Saturday, Burlington Sunday. I know Heady is restocked on Monday mornings, so we’re going to stop on the way out and get a case. I emailed and they said that’s kosher. Anything else I should know or not miss? Thanks!