Lunch at (the old) B.T.’s Smokehouse

There’s a couple of MA lunch stops I wanted to share with you this week before I go there again with new updates. The first one comes from a recently expanded B.T.’s Smokehouse in Sturbridge, MA, right around the corner from Cedar Street Grille and a short jaunt from Tree House Brewing Co. It’s a place I’ve recommended to several of you in the past looking for something to add to your Tree House beer travels and while Cedar Street usually has Tree House on tap, at B.T.’s you can actually bring your own Tree House growler in with you and drink it while you feast on some seriously top notch BBQ.
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Apple Wood-Smoked Beef Brisket [Food Porn]

One of my first foray’s into smoking at home (which in turn is the inspiration for my current quest to find a cheap Weber Performer and get rid of my big 5-burner gas grill). Slathered with my homemade mustard BBQ sauce and a few dashes of Oskar Blue’s Ten Fidy Ghost Chili Hot Sauce for some extra heat, topped with sauteed jalapenos on a toasted Mastroianni roll.

PJ’s BBQ going year-round in 2012 [BBQ]

Man I don’t know how I feel about this. More power to them to try to get more business going year round, but I really don’t think that’s going to be the case. The biggest draw for these three season restaurants is the word of mouth and hype leading to them re-opening for the season.

Two restaurants come to mind. Jack’s Drive and and Ted’s Fish Fry. Both are ran by the same peeps. One is a local chain that’s open year-round with multiple locations. The other is closed for the winter and opens with huge fan-fare every spring. When was the last time you saw a line at Ted’s Fish Fry? Now, when haven’t you seen a line at Jack’s at lunch or dinner, sometimes 20+ people long? Same thing goes for Kay’s pizza. It’s just not “special” if it’s open all year round, and definitely loses it’s at lot of it’s charm.

PJ’s BBQ going year-round in 2012 [BBQ]