Belgium Comes to Cooperstown 2014

Hey guys, hope everyone had a great time at BCTC this weekend. Pics are up on Facebook (I tend to do that with people focused festival pictures so friends can tag people I may not necessarily know) so if you haven’t yet make sure to head over to FB and check out the album, maybe tag a friend.

Big shout outs to Dimitrios for taking them helm with feeding our faces with delicious food the entire weekend. Sorry our laser focused attention was on drinking beer and not giving you the help you deserved. And to the crew at Remarkable, hope y’all had fun with your first year at BCTC. Always awesome hanging out with the Grimm, Stillwater, and Global Beer folks. Big thank you to Mike from Fest Pics for the invite and as always some great pics to remember the event by. One of the few events of the year where I end up in front of the camera for a change.

See everyone next year, yeah?

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown 2013

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown seems to grow bigger and bigger with each year. There’s more beers, more breweries, more food, more …fluff. There’s some grumbling from the cheap seats about this (yes, even a bit from myself) but all of that misses the point of BCTC: it’s a weekend full of stellar brews and bites with some of the best folks in the beer and culinary industry.

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