Dark Horse Beefsteak Dinner at McGreivey’s 2015 | Waterford, NY

Filet Mignon

Last week marked the second annual Dark Horse Beefsteak Dinner at McGreivey’s. This laid back beer dinner hasn’t changed much from last year’s event, which is a good thing. The seat price is an absolute steal considering the amount of food, including all you can eat filet, and beer is served at the event. I didn’t have as much freedom to move around to take as many pictures like I did last year so make sure you check out that post with a little more in depth commentary as well.

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Artisanal Beer Dinner at The City Beer Hall | Albany, NY

Artisanal Beer Dinner at The City Beer Hall

On Monday night a whole slew of friends braved the impending “storm” to head out to The City Beer Hall’s Artisanal Beer Dinner (you can check out fellow blogger Kim’s post on dinner here). The storm that night ended up being a dud, but thankfully Chef Dimitrios and his crew, pictured above, put together a dinner and pairings that were anything but.

It’s been a while since my last beer dinner at The City Beer Hall and unlike most of the Wild Game Nights that center around the lineup from a specific brewery, this was open to the full range of offerings from local distributor Remarkable Liquids. It was nice that some limited releases were brought in just for the event and were poured for the first time or not available elsewhere in the state. Let’s take a look at the pairings of the night: Continue reading

Trillium Anniversary Dinner at Armsby Abbey

Gonna keep this post short and sweet as to not get backed up on the impending Troy Craft Beer Week posts. Last month Armsby Abbey celebrated their sixth anniversary and as with every year they pair up with one of the area’s hottest breweries to finish off the month of celebrations with a dinner of epic proportions. This year was no different and they teamed up with local favorites Trillium Brewing.

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Allagash Beer Dinner at Creo’

Last week was the second of Creo’s beer dinners, this time Chef David Gibson paired up with Dave Gonzalez to bring us some of Allagash’s Belgian-style beers along with David’s excellent culinary skills.

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Dark Horse Beefsteak Dinner at McGreivey’s

Thursday night was the latest of Jared Kingsley of Remarkable Liquids’ beer dinners, this time at McGreivey’s in Waterford, featuring the beers from Dark Horse Brewing Company. Dark Horse, out of Marshall, MI, is known in the craft beer circles for their citrusy IPAs and big, roasty stouts. Oh, and turning down having their beer featured in a Nickleback video because “It’s shit rock and roll that doesn’t deserve to be on the radio”. Just awesome.

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Armsby Abbey 5th Anniversary Dinner with Tree House Brewing Co.

Tree House Brewing Family

It’s incredible to see just how far Tree House has come in the past year. It feels like just yesterday I was asking the only person I knew in MA at the time, Alec of Armsby Abbey, what Tree House’s story was (thanks to Jeff for reminding me of this).

Thankfully Paul and Jeff (neither of whom I knew at the time but thanks to Tree House I now consider good friends) pushed me over the edge and I made my first visit to what has now become one of my favorite breweries. Fast forward to today and Tree House has gained national recognition in the beer community, their beer is traded all over the world, and here they are being featured in a world class beer dinner at one of the top bars in the country, Armsby Abbey.

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