Hill Farmstead Festival of Farmhouse Ales

Hill Farmstead Festival of Farmhouse AlesCouple new galleries up on the ‘Book this week. First up is the Festival of Farmhouse Ales at Hill Farmstead last week. Amazing beers, amazing people. Good to see some many familiar faces from far and wide. Thank you to the crew at Hill Farmstead for being so accommodating, as always!

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I love shitty, generic, cookie cutter beer festivals.

Especially when they have really shitty, generic, cookie cutter websites, too.

NOTE: Previous images removed at owner’s request. Current image may contain portions of copyrighted works that totally don’t belong to Thomas Tarry, Jr. nor The Results Group, in fair use as a parody. I’ve put about as much effort into this picture into as Tom does his websites and beer festivals.
Tom Tarry

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