Sour Beer Mail from Illinois

Man, the delivery guy has been treating me well this week. First Zombie Dust and BCBCS, now some Fou’Foune, Gilgamesh, Beat B5, and Cascade Blueberry, plus Bottleworks 13 and some New Glarus to top it off. With the Classic Gueuze versus Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio we did on Tuesday, and Zwanze Day coming up on Saturday, it’s a very Cantillon filled week! No complaints here.

Thanks makdeco!

Beer Mail from Illinois, Part Deux

— Little bit of a delay on the follow up from this one but I’ve finally got some Zombie Dust! I’ve never had it before, gonna crack one open tonight. If it’s as any good as Dreadnaught I’m in for a treat. Not to mention the new Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout which just came out (which means it should hit shelves in Upstate NY in about three months, if at all). Thanks, Yet Another Beer Blog!

Beer Mail from Cascade Brewing Barrel House

— First time getting beer shipped legally, so that’s new. Some of the guys from Fourteen Stone wanted to get some of this Noyaux before it sold out, so I ordered a couple plus a two of others they haven’t had. Should be a good upcoming drinking night.

Beer Mail Part I

– I wanted to make sure I put up a shout out to Yet Another Beer Blog for sending this killer extras box before half of it got drank today on #IPADay without proper attribution. I haven’t done a trade that wasn’t an in person trade since the FedEx Beer Fairy graced my presence back in April, where I traded the same thing, Heady Topper. I love to trade Heady Topper for locals since it’s (fairly) easy to get, I might get to try beers from another part of the country I’m not be able to get otherwise, and I know it’s going to blow the mind of the person receiving it for the first time.

I got home and this was one of those kinda things where I expected a can or two extra and saw the box when I walked in the door and was like “Wow, that’s a large box for a couple of cans of beer, he must have packed those cans up pretty goo….hhhHHOLY SHIT THAT’S A LOT OF BEER!!!” Please keep in mind, this is just an extras box. That’s fucking awesome. I was just saying earlier that day I was looking for some more Breakfast Stout (which isn’t available around here) so I could finally do the Founders Breakfast tasting I’ve been waiting to do since I got my bottle of CBS last fall. This rounds out what I need and I can finally get that done. Also are you fucking kidding me with that Surly Furious? What a solid IPA that nooooooo one can get around here. Can NOT wait to crack that open tonight.

Thanks again. Cheers!

FedEx Beer Fairy [Beer Mail]


Founders KBS hasn’t been the easiest to get, especially when it hit shelves while I was on vacation. This just means I’ll have to set up a few trades before I get the amount of KBS and FBS I want to do a Founders tasting, with the coup de grâce being the bomber of CBS, which I still haven’t tried. Good thing Heady Topper isn’t too hard to come by around here and makes for easy trades. Thanks to NoLeafClover44 for this beer mail!

PS. Armsby Abbey is having their annual Founders Breakfast and StoutFest this weekend. I’ve been assured that after the Founders Breakfast there will still be FBS, KBS, CBS, and Imperial Stout on tap, and they’re tapping another four kegs the following morning at 10AM.

Now to decide which day to go to!