Pub News: Allen Street Pub

This one slipped under the radar for me. Anyone go and check this place out?

asp-1[1][Edited for case and typos] We are proud to continue the tradition established at Mahar’s Public Bar in Albany, NY.
At the Allen Street Pub we are beginning our transition into offering cask conditioned ales, a multitude of bottled beer from around the world and within the next few weeks, will expand our draught variety by adding 24 new lines. When all is said and done, we will offer 28 different draught beers along with two beer engines.

On Saturday November 9th at 5:00 pm we invite you down to the pub to meet us along with a few of our staff members. There will be some cask beer on tap featuring a session IPA from Wandering Star craft brewery in Pittsfield, MA called “second breakfast”.

We are very pleased to continue the legacy Jim built and can’t wait to have everything running full blast. We are looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

Additionally we will be serving six different beers on tap along with several bottled beers. There will be an open discussion about the types of beer we should serve and hope for maximum participation.


Paul Engel & Steve Kitchen
Publicans, Co-Owners of the ASP

It’s worth mentioning that no longer mentions Mahar’s of Castleton. Not sure if anyone else can fill me in on what’s going on with that…

Madison Pour House Progress

Stumbled upon the new Madison Pour House Facebook Page today to see a couple of pictures that were posted from the demo of the old Mahar’s space. Looks like they’re going with a full resto of the place other than keeping some of the rustic looking support beams and such. Looking forward to the June 1st opening, really hoping they’ll have a killer tap list. I love The Point, but it is strictly a cocktail kind of place for me due to the beer selection.


Brown's Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Holy shit. Where do I start? The base Imperial Stout. “Troyalty”. The hand written brewer and bottle number. But the wax dip cinches it for me. Fucking hilar. I can see the people now, driving up from the city waiting two-three hours in line for this one. Insta-whale.

The only thing that would make me laugh harder would be if Olde Saratoga did a sour beer. Oh wait.

Saratoga Beer Week

I don’t know about you guys, but I have had a tough time looking at the extensive list of “events” (I use this term loosely) lined up for Saratoga Beer Week and getting the least bit excited about it. There is a lot of fluff to weed out here, especially with the pull your own pint, take home your own glass, same happy hour as every other week, and truly boring and uninspired VT and NY brews kind of of crap here, so I figured I’d compile a list of anything that’s even a blip on my radar.

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Mikkeller Releases Barrel Aged Black the Black Edition

Mikkeller Barrel aged Black the Black edition

This sounds cool as hell:

We took Mikkellers imperial stout Black and distilled it at Braunstein distillery. The alcohol we got out of it was storaged in American bourbon casks. Now distilled Black was poured into bottles, and as soon as the bourbon cask was empty we filled it again, but this time with our imperial stout Black.

In this way, one can say that Black has been barrel aged on itself.

Check out the rest of the release here.