Team New England Gang Bang BIF #3

Team New England Gang Bang BIF #3
We maybe have been drunk by the time this picture was taken.

Absolutely outstanding time on Saturday banging with Team New England. We were a man down, and Joe was sorely missed, but we were still able to conquer all of the boxes Team Richmond sent us. There was a lot of big beer and a lot of barrel aged beers with an average ABV of about 10% for all the beers of the day. Both Team New England and my rape-stache were ready to tackle this though. Thankfully there were some IPAs and sours to mix things up a bit. Like our packing party, we holed up in the private room at The Bier Abbey owned by George, BA gpcollen1. Continue reading

Big shout out to Team Richmond

Stopped at Mekong on the way home from Florida the other night to mooch off a few beers from their bottle share and to grab some more beers for Team New England’s Gang Bang BIF #3 this weekend. I’ve been sitting on these boxes from them for months now and can’t wait to finally crack these bottles open with the guys. Continue reading

Sour Beer Mail from Illinois

Man, the delivery guy has been treating me well this week. First Zombie Dust and BCBCS, now some Fou’Foune, Gilgamesh, Beat B5, and Cascade Blueberry, plus Bottleworks 13 and some New Glarus to top it off. With the Classic Gueuze versus Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio we did on Tuesday, and Zwanze Day coming up on Saturday, it’s a very Cantillon filled week! No complaints here.

Thanks makdeco!