Sour Saloon at The Doom Saloon

Next up we have a bunch of pics from last weekend’s latest Doom Saloon tasting, Sour Saloon. Doom Saloon tastings generally have a theme, and while the last Barrel Aged Saloon had a few of beers of this style, this one was all about the funk.

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Albany Beeradvocate Tasting: October Edition

It was nice to finally get together with some of the Albany-Area BAs this weekend. It’s good to know there are some like-minded (and likely sick, twisted) individuals in the area who are into beer traveling and trading like myself. Nothing too crazy last night, just a great lineup of beers and some killer chicken from Ross. And now, on to the beer porn!

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Untappd #1000

This is a totally normal tasting to have on a Tuesday night, right?

Knowing full well that my 1000th unique checkin on Untappd was coming up and unfortunately it was going to hit just days before our trip to Tampa, I enlisted Merc, Pig Destroyer Jon and Mike to drum up a seriously nice string of beers to celebrate the night. Continue reading

Sour Beer Mail from Illinois

Man, the delivery guy has been treating me well this week. First Zombie Dust and BCBCS, now some Fou’Foune, Gilgamesh, Beat B5, and Cascade Blueberry, plus Bottleworks 13 and some New Glarus to top it off. With the Classic Gueuze versus Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio we did on Tuesday, and Zwanze Day coming up on Saturday, it’s a very Cantillon filled week! No complaints here.

Thanks makdeco!

Beer Mail from Cascade Brewing Barrel House

— First time getting beer shipped legally, so that’s new. Some of the guys from Fourteen Stone wanted to get some of this Noyaux before it sold out, so I ordered a couple plus a two of others they haven’t had. Should be a good upcoming drinking night.

Sang Royal – Cascade Brewing

– Our second beer from Cascade that day. I preferred the Noir, but let’s face it I wouldn’t kick either of these beers out of bed. I just realized that they offer (some) of their beers online. Definitely going to have to check that out.

From the Team Buffalo Gang Bang Beer It Forward #2.

Sang Noir – Cascade Brewing

Had my first few tastes of their beer at the Summer Vermont BeerAdvocate Meetup. If there’s one brewery out there that’s going to turn me into a sour fan, it’s Cascade. They just make fucking delicious sours.

From the Team Buffalo Gang Bang Beer It Forward #2.