Spring Cellar Update

It’s that time again. Elise and I cleared all the shelves in the cellar, went through each one by one in CellarHQ, gave the boot to some of the beers that, while not bad beers, I’m not intentionally aging or anything and should get drank ASAP. Kinda split things into “Never Drinking, Ever,” “Open for Bottle Shares/Trades,” and “Why are you still holding onto this?” categories. Expect some boring, uninteresting checkins from the last category over the next couple of months while I clear that shit out.

November 2012 Cellar Inventory Update with CellarHQ

— Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Perfect morning to finally get around to updating my beer inventory. I have definitely been slacking in that department. Part of the problem is that my beer “cellar” is also my beer “storage”, so even if I’m not purposefully aging a beer, it ends up in the same space. There’s a couple of problems with this but not much I can do about it. First, beers get “lost” in there and sometimes sit around longer than they should, and second, this makes for a lot of turnover and a little tough to keep up with the cellar’s activity.

I’m trying out CellarHQ, and while the process is a little easier than using Google Docs like I have in the past, the UI can be a pain in the ass at times. There are times when I’ve accidentally hit the backspace button intending to erase what I was just typing, and instead the browser goes back a page and I have to start over with that beer. I also had to add more beers than I was expecting to have to. Other than that, I’m happy with the outcome.

You can check out my cellar here, and I’ve added a link to the top of my header, too.