Best Week Ever.

If you followed me on social media last week you know it was pretty epic week of beer and food. Let’s break it down real quick:

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Hunahpu Weekend

With Hunahpu Day on the horizon I’ve had a few people reach out to me for recommendations on what else to do while in Tampa for the weekend. I’ve teased some of these pictures from our trip to Florida last year in the past but I’ve never actually done a post on the weekend so I figured now is as good of a time as any to share these pictures while giving a few recommendations.

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Team Upstate NY Gang Bang BIF Round 5 Packing Party

Team Upstate NY already had a tasting planned for this weekend so it only made sense for us to get some preliminary packing out of the way while we continue to collect the last few of our bottles and swag. No traveling necessary for team members this time around unlike the bang in Buffalo for Round 2 and Team New England for Round 3.

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Albany BeerAdvocate Tasting: November Edition

Another month, another night of great beers and eats with the Albany BAs. Ross made some killer ribs, I broke out the Baking Steel and slung a few pies, and of course more than a few beers were shared by all. Let’s check it out.

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Barrel Aged Night at The Doom Saloon

Now, if any of you know me you know I do not go crazy trying to obtain all of the (extremely overhyped, in my opinion) barrel aged variations of many of the most highly sought after beers on the market. Most times I’m just as satisfied with the base version of the beer and it’s not worth the driving around and giving up some of my favorite New England beer to trade for these, so I generally don’t seek them. That said, barrel aging usually does not detract from the original experience, and there are plenty of beers that are aged in barrels because the style dictates it and they’re presented best when aged in a barrel, like sour/tart farmhouse saisons, lambics, etc. So please, count me in as a fan of barrel aged beer, but understand that comes with its caveats.

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Albany Beeradvocate Tasting: October Edition

It was nice to finally get together with some of the Albany-Area BAs this weekend. It’s good to know there are some like-minded (and likely sick, twisted) individuals in the area who are into beer traveling and trading like myself. Nothing too crazy last night, just a great lineup of beers and some killer chicken from Ross. And now, on to the beer porn!

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Untappd #1000

This is a totally normal tasting to have on a Tuesday night, right?

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