Random Ass Beer Tasting with Merc and Jon

— You guys didn’t actually think that Merc and I sat down and only had two beers when we did the Pliny vs Pliny tasting did you?? C’mon, we’re talking about me and Merc here. Fifty percent of all of the times we drink until I end up calling in the next day.

It wasn’t our best tasting, and there were definitely a few duds but that doesn’t mean you guys shouldn’t check em out. Luckily I cracked open all of the Tree House growlers I picked up from that weekend’s visit to offset some of the bombs we opened. Here was the line up for the night:

  • Batch #69 Double Cream Ale by Cigar City Brewing – another dud from Cigar City, kinda disappointing considering that both Cucumber Saison and 110K+OT were not my cup of either and it’s one of my favorite breweries
  • Black Phoenix by Bootlegger’s Brewery
  • Horseneck Golden IPA by Just Beer
  • Julius by Tree House Brewing Company
  • Miller High Life by Miller Brewing Company – this was when I was still going for my All-American badge. Don’t judge me.
  • Old Man by Tree House Brewing Company
  • Sea Bass by Cigar City Brewing – sludgy, and kinda gross. This one did not cellar well AT ALL.
  • Talon Extra Select Double IPA by Mendocino Brewing Company – the week of their release. Like most Mendocino beers, completely forgettable
  • That’s What She Said by Tree House Brewing Company
  • Zes Zes Zes by Three Floyds Brewing – Merc really hyped this one up but honestly it didn’t knock my socks off. The artwork on the label is fucking killer, though.

Annnnnd surprisingly the not worst beer of the night (Sea Bass took that crown for me):

Stars are not aligning for me to make it to Hunahpu Day this year. Thanks to douchebag Long Island bro fucktards, SUNY’s spring break coordinates with St. Patty’s Day since these motherfuckers cannot hold their liquor and can’t day drink without rioting and flipping over cars and shit. Fucking amateurs.

Since Elise is a PhD student at SUNY Albany our spring vacation revolves around their spring break, and to send said douchebag Long Islanders home to mommy and daddy to avoid another riot, it starts whatever weekend the St. Patty’s Day parade is on. This year that would be 16th, and since Hunahpu Day is the 9th, most likely I can’t make it. Needless to say, I’m fucking pissed. To the SUNY students in question: fuck you.