Vermont Beer and Food Day Trip

My buddy Richard (of Fourteen Stone fame) has never really done Vermont before so with Elaborative One and Prolegomena still on shelves and the lottery for the Festival of Farmhouse Ales live at Hill Farmstead I figured it was a great opportunity to give him the grand tour (or as much as we could cover in the day) of the Green Mountain State. Follow us along, won’t you?

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Cider Doughnuts at Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Food was in order before making our trek to Hill Farmstead. Our first stop, K C’s Bagel Cafe, was less than fulfilling. I understand that, being a New Yorker, I am accustomed to some of the better bagels available in our country, but these were literally the worst bagels we’ve ever had, even by grocery store and gas station standards. After taking a couple of bites and throwing the rest of my bagel out, we continued on our way to Hill Farmstead until we stumbled upon Cold Hollow Cider Mill.

Cold Hollow is very reminiscent of the apple orchards we have here in Upstate NY. It’s very “country-store” themed, with a focus on apple products (obv), jams, cheese, fudge, doughnuts, sauces and other odds and ends, all of which are made on premises or by local farms and businesses.

After shopping around for a few we left with a doughnuts, cider, dog treats and other snacks in tow, which we chowed down on outside at one of their several picnic tables out front. The cider doughnut itself was excellent, albeit missing the  granulated sugar we’re accustomed to around here (but I was later told that’s an available option we just happened to miss).

This was the perfect pit stop to start our day before heading to Hill Farmstead and as Elise puts it it’s a “required stop” now any time we head up that way.