Allagash Beer Dinner at Creo’

Last week was the second of Creo’s beer dinners, this time Chef David Gibson paired up with Dave Gonzalez to bring us some of Allagash’s Belgian-style beers along with David’s excellent culinary skills.

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Jack’s Abby Beer Dinner at Creo’

Creo’ held their first beer dinner this past Thursday with Chef David Gibson at the helm along with Jared Kingsley from Remarkable Liquids. Dishes were paired up with beer from Jack’s Abby Brewing, an all lager brewery out of Framingham, Massachusetts. Jack’s Abby has been schooling beer nerds on lagers since 2011, taking styles that are often times seen as boring and turning them up on their head, even making converts out of people like me. Imperial Pale Lagers have exploded in the past couple of years and Jack’s Abby takes a third of the Top 15 spots on BeerAdvocate’s list for the style.

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Altamont Vineyard & Winery’s HalloWine Festival

— Great time at this year’s HalloWine Festival. This was both Elise and my first time at HalloWine and also first time at Altamont Vineyards. It’s definitely worth the trip back.

It was great to meet the guys from the Albany Distilling Company and The Chocolate Mill Café, see local food celebs Yono and Dominick Purnomo, Elliot Cunniff, and everyone else participating in the competition.  It was a cold and rainy night and the folks from Altamont Vineyard did everything they could with the large tents and heaters. Luckily we stayed dry, had some good food, wine, and cigars. Check out the pics below.

Yono and Donna Purnomo from Yono’s.

A couple of dishes from Giovanni S. Morina, chef-owner of Gio Culinary Studio.

An assistant of Ryan Huneau’s, executive chef from the Mallozzi Group, plating one of Chef Ryan’s dishes.

Marla Ortega, chef-owner of Illium Cafe, plating one of her dishes.

One of the dishes from Chef Elliot Cuniff of Creo.

Master Pastry Chef Frank Vollhammer, chef-owner of The Chocolate Mill Café.

While the desserts were not in the competition, they were some of my favorites for the night.

And finally the winning dish from Chef Yono…

…followed up with him accepting his award. Congrats!


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