National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Snuck this one in in the knick of time. Recipe from Ready For Dessert from David Lebovitz, which Elise always keeps some in the freezer for just such an occasion and only bakes a handful at a time so they’re gone before they go stale. I’m allergic to chocolate, but these are 100% worth it.

Tiramasu [Food Porn]

Made this for Valentine’s Day using David Lebovitz’s recipe. Personally, it tasted delicious, and the way good Tiramasu should taste. LIKE ALCOHOL. Unforch, Valentine’s Day isn’t about me, it’s about Elise and Elise is a little pansy when it comes to alcohol therefore she hated it. Bummer. Luckily the card, new stemless wine glasses (the red version was used for this pic), and the shrimp pesto pasta made up for it. (Although I was sorely disappointed in the pesto from Cardona’s which needed to seriously step up it’s garlic game. That’s the last time I skimp on pesto again!)