Hill Farmstead Festival of Farmhouse Ales

Hill Farmstead Festival of Farmhouse AlesCouple new galleries up on the ‘Book this week. First up is the Festival of Farmhouse Ales at Hill Farmstead last week. Amazing beers, amazing people. Good to see some many familiar faces from far and wide. Thank you to the crew at Hill Farmstead for being so accommodating, as always!

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Hill Farmstead takes over the Capital Region

Nuzzy pouring Hill Farmstead Arthur at The Ruck
Capital Region folks, unless you were living under a rock, you know that a handful of kegs from one of my favorite breweries made their way to the taps of a few of bars in the area last week. Two kegs of Arthur and two kegs of Everett were tapped, and each of the places I visited kicked their kegs in a couple of hours or less. I’m not going to get too wordy here, although you should check out Greg’s post on the topic.

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A Deal With A Donkey Night

Last month Brobro, Mike and I lucked into an extra set of bottles that were on shelves at Hill Farmstead that week. It was an incredible lineup of Civil Disobedience 9, 3F Hommage, and Anchorage’s A Deal with a Devil. Rather than splitting the individual bottles up between us, we decided it would be better to pool our money and get together to open the bottles one night between the three of us. It was a night of decadence and excess to say the least.

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Sour Saloon at The Doom Saloon

Next up we have a bunch of pics from last weekend’s latest Doom Saloon tasting, Sour Saloon. Doom Saloon tastings generally have a theme, and while the last Barrel Aged Saloon had a few of beers of this style, this one was all about the funk.

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Hill Farmstead / Grassroots at The Farmhouse Tap & Grill

Just wanted to send a huge shoutout to the folks at Farmhouse Tap and Grill for putting together such a great Hill Farmstead/Grassroots event last week. The crowds were well managed, the tap list was amazing (I’m always looking for an excuse to drink vintage Hill Farmstead, especially on draft, without dipping into my cellar) and the food selection was top notch as always (that lamb burger!!!).

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Best Week Ever.

If you followed me on social media last week you know it was pretty epic week of beer and food. Let’s break it down real quick:

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Team Upstate NY Packing Party Part 2

A few of us had the day off on Monday so some of the Team got together to finish packing up the rest of the beer and swag to send out to our Gang Bang targets. Some lucky sons of bitches are going to be receiving these bad boys sometime next week, with another box of fresh IPAs coming along a week before their bang date next month.
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