Big Brew 2014 at Homebrew Emporium

Been slacking on posts around here lately so wanted to get out a couple of galleries I’ve been meaning to share for friends. First one comes from Homebrew Emporium’s Big Brew for National Homebrew Day, an annual event can drive they do for the local Food Bank in conjunction with the American Homebrewers Association. Homebrewers bring cans of food and a $10 donation and in return they get an ingredient kit to make each year’s beer on site, this one being the Black Dog Lager Schwarzbier, a 2013 National Homebrew Competition gold medal-winning recipe.

I’ve shared the entire album on the Homebrew Emporium’s Facebook Page. Make sure to take a look!

Big Brew Day at Homebrew Emporium

I stopped over at the Homebrew Emporium on Saturday to check out the annual Big Brew for National Homebrew Day, an event coordinated by the American Homebrew Association at homebrew shops across the nation. At Homebrew Emporium’s New York and Massachusetts locations they crafted over 600 gallons of Portions Proper English Dark Mild by over 125 different brewers. This year’s Big Brew also raised $1,375 and collected 330 pounds of food to benefit local food banks, including our own Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. It was a beautiful day to sample a few beers, grill, and brew big. Check it out!

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North Greenbush, NY: Big Brew at Homebrew Emporium [#Homebrew]

Last weekend was the Big Brew event at homebrew shops all across the country to celebrate National Homebrew Day and I got to spend the morning at our local homebrew shop, The Homebrew Emporium. No brewing for me this year as I already had plans to to head to lunch at Crossroads but I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to check out the array of different hand-home setups, BS with the brewers and staff, and get my education on. (My first experience with homebrewing was *ahem* less than stellar.)

The beer they brewed on Saturday was Bucksnort Brown Ale and the ingredients for extract and all-grain were both provided gratis for all those who brought their own equipment to brew on site. Pretty badass. The recipes can be found here.

Nothing better than hanging out with a bunch of homebrewers to inspire you to get back into it after a little bit of a hiatus. Definitely going to go through the Brookyln Brew Shop Beer Making book to find an acceptable recipe to make and pick some ingredients tonight before they close at 7. See you guys before then!

You can check out even more pictures here.