Lambic Basket Mark I

Well I’ve been meaning to to build a Lambic basket for a while now and when I got up yesterday I finally had the motivation to do so.

Took a complete shot in the dark on this, and while it’s not my best work, it’ll do in a pinch. The sidewalls are a little taller than they need to be, and the nails from the air nailer are just messy looking. Dovetail joints would be the way to go but I need a ton of practice with them before being used here.

This thing is definitely chunky and might be better off with thinner wood but we’ll see where this goes on the next version. Life would have been so much easier with a table saw instead of the electric hand tools I have but I likely won’t be investing in one of those for a while. For only $10 in wood, I’m happy with how the first version came out.