Hill Farmstead takes over the Capital Region

Nuzzy pouring Hill Farmstead Arthur at The Ruck
Capital Region folks, unless you were living under a rock, you know that a handful of kegs from one of my favorite breweries made their way to the taps of a few of bars in the area last week. Two kegs of Arthur and two kegs of Everett were tapped, and each of the places I visited kicked their kegs in a couple of hours or less. I’m not going to get too wordy here, although you should check out Greg’s post on the topic.

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Madison Pour House Progress

Stumbled upon the new Madison Pour House Facebook Page today to see a couple of pictures that were posted from the demo of the old Mahar’s space. Looks like they’re going with a full resto of the place other than keeping some of the rustic looking support beams and such. Looking forward to the June 1st opening, really hoping they’ll have a killer tap list. I love The Point, but it is strictly a cocktail kind of place for me due to the beer selection.