Ninkasi and Hopworks Beer Mail from Oregon 

– Just got my shipment in from goofybear!

  • Tricerahops – Ninkasi
  • Hopworks IPA – Hopworks Urban Brewery

Hopefully cracking these open with some of my birthday beers (post on that to come) and stuff from mrsheeps and Jon this weekend. Cheers!

More Brown Than Black IPA  – @AlchemistBeer @Ninkasi @StoneBrewingCo [#BeerReview]

Here’s a review of More Brown Than Black IPA from a collaboration with one of my favorite breweries The Alchemist, along with Ninkasi and Stone. I did with Jay from Jay’s Beer Review. Lighting isn’t that great since the sun was already down when we started and we were enjoying some beers by the fire (a fireside chat, if you will). The beer was OK, but honestly a let down. However, as mentioned it’s pretty old at this point (for an IPA) and who knows how well Whole Foods stores their beer. Check out the video for more.