Philadelphia, PA: Tony Luke’s [East Coast Road Trip]

For me, the battle of Pat’s vs Geno’s is won by neither. Any time I drive by Philadelphia, I gotta have a cheesesteak. And when I gotta have a cheesesteak, I gotta head to Tony Luke’s.

There’s a couple of other menu items I keep meaning to try, but I can’t bring myself to order anything but the tried and true cheesesteak. The Beef Buster looks awesome: a huge roast beef sandwich with Buster Sauce, Tomato, Pickles, Bacon, Curly Fries. Yeah, all of that on a sandwich, even the fries. Count me in. And then there’s the challenge which I would totally never be able to eat but I’d still like to try it once: 5 pounds of cheesesteak, whiz, and onions. The problem with both of these menu items is that I’m usually driving by to another destination and either a) wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to have one of these delicious steaks or b) don’t want to sit driving in a car for another countless number of hours after attempting to eat 5 lbs of beef.

These will have to wait until I can spend some quality time in the city. I see a Philly vacation in my future soon. (Gives me an excuse to go to Capone’s, right?? And John’s Roast Pork for cheesesteak comparison, too.)