View of the Logan International Airport

Taken from the suite we stayed in after the American Craft Beer Festival last year. The Extreme Beer Fest is this weekend and I’m extremely disappointed I’m not gonna make it. Have you seen this beer lists?? Night of the Barrels takes the cake but the Saturday session ain’t too shabby, either. Good luck getting tickets if you haven’t already. It sold out in an hour and the CL prices are off the charts!

Vintage [Beer]

I’m pretty sure this is the first revision of the Mountain Brew Beer Ice can design. 

Took this pic while at Long Trail Brewing Co. on a visit there during my birthday week last year. I immediately got a ticket on the way home, obviously. Anyways, they have an extremely interesting collection of old vintage beer cans on several of the walls in their seating area. I could pretty much spend an entire day sipping on Double Bag and checking them all out.

Carboholic’s Heaven [Ice cream]

Premise Maid in Breinigsville, PA is on the way to the breeder where we picked up Kuma. After passing this five times earlier and having not stopped, I caved figuring we’d never be back this way for quite some time. They’re known for their candies made on premises, but we had to indulge in some of their house-made ice cream and waffle bowls. We’re thinking about taking Kuma back to the farm where he was born for his first birthday and to run around with some of his relatives, and we’ll definitely stop by here again.

Creamy Parmesan Risotto with Roasted Herb Tomatoes [Gluten Free]

Elise made this the other night from one of her new cookbooks she got for xmas. It tasted delicious, but I’m not completely sold on risotto. Also, I am not physically capable of eating a meal without meat and I was left starving afterwards. Then I ate an entire steer. Recipe from The Gloriously Gluten-Free Cookbook.