Such a great experience at SAVOR this weekend. Possibly my favorite favorite beer festival of all time. Top notch beer selection, impeccable food pairings, and tons of the craft beer celebs and elite. No lines (except for the men’s bathroom), no amateurs wearing pretzels necklaces, no bros, no breweries phoning it in. Everyone involved brought their A game. Anyways, took a ton of pics to break in the new camera. Check em out!

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SAVOR 2013 June 14th-15th 2013 [Upcoming Events]

Pretty big news. SAVOR will be in NYC for the first time at the Metropolitan Pavilion and adjoining Altman Building in Manhattan. Tickets go on sale April 17th 2013. Get your wallet ready!

“Part of our mission as a national, industry association is to promote small and independent craft brewers and their craft brewed beers to audiences around the country,” said Sam Calagione, chair of the Brewers Association’s board of directors. “Moving SAVOR to New York City, the culinary capital of the world, in 2013 is an incredible opportunity to showcase craft beer from a diverse sampling of small U.S. producers who have helped shift the perception of beer from something predictable and homogenized into the dynamic, flavorful, food-friendly beverage it is recognized as today. Craft brewers, beer lovers and foodies who attend SAVOR contribute to a historic localization of beer and a shift in the culinary arts world.”

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