Rock Art Brewery Variety Pack

Wow, this was… less than spectacular. The last time I had Rock Art was back when we went Mancamping last winter. I can’t say I’ve been impressed with most of Rock Art’s regular beers. I almost feel like their so-called “EXTREME” series of beers (all 8.0% ABV) should be their regular beers, and then they should have a SUPER CRAZY INSANE series of beers that maybe get into the double digits at least? I dunno. Their EXTREME beers are at least decent, the ones I’ve had at least. Not impressed by a single beer in this variety pack. I still have a few kicking around since JD picked them up a few months ago.

Rating: Eh.

Three Heads Brewing – Bromigo Smoked Maple Amber Ale [#Beertography]

Snagged this at TAP NY (thanks John). I’m seeing a lot of  ”maple” on beer labels this year, most notably Lawson’s Finest Liquids Maple Tripple.* Hell, it’s even been featured on NPR.

However, other than some homebrew kits this is the first smoked amber I’ve seen. Slight hint of smoke on the nose that carries on to the finish of the taste. I don’t taste a ton of maple flavor, but I do get a lot of sweetness that comes from the maple. That fades quickly to smokey campfire and a little bit of bitter sticking around on the finish. This isn’t a beer that’s going to knock you on your ass or anything, but it’s definitely an interesting brew that I could see bringing Memorial Day camping this weekend and starting the morning by drink this with a nice applewood smoked bacon, egg, and cheese prepared over a campfire. Mmmmm morning drinking.

*The release of LFL Maple Trippel is June 9th at the Waitsfield Farmer’s Market. I plan on going and I don’t mind mule-ing beer for you folks, but I am NOT fronting money for you slackers. Plan ahead.