Summer Vermont BeerAdvocate Meetup

– After heading up to the Beverage Warehouse to grab some tasting glasses (which we forgot to pack) and setting up our tent and the rest of the campsite we headed up to the pavilion where the meet had started. The pavilion was next to Mt. Philo’s outlook and we couldn’t have been treated with better weather and scenery for the event. Seriously check out this view of Lake Champlain:

The Vermont BA crew was amazing, generous and hospitable. The bottle lineup was insane. The beers I brought were shamed by this massive collection of exceptional brews. Consider this lesson learned. You’ve seen a lot of these beers posted through out the week so I’m not going to get into it. Check out this tag here to catch up if you haven’t.

Some of the food like the beer soaked brats and pulled pork were warmed up on the charcoal fireplace but Tucker and I grabbed my Weber Q too cook the skewers and bacon-wrapped hot dogs (I promise I’ll bring more of those next time, to go along with the beer pickles).

There were a few canine attendees (even another shiba!) that were well-loved and fed the entire day.

The coolest thing for me was I got to sink my teeth into some lambics, gueuzes and other sour beers that I haven’t really gotten the chance to try and I generally shy away from in the past. I didn’t like them all, but it was a learning experience and really makes me want to snag tickets to the Night of the Funk and try as many of these beers I can get my hands on.

Overall the meetup was pretty awesome. All of the people I met were badass and we were even able to meet up with some of the later on in the week. I’ll definitely be attending the next one and look forward to seeing you guys at future Vermont beer events!