Mancamping 2012 / Firestone Walker Double DBA Review

Every year myself, Jay and the guys go for a little camping trip we call “Mancamping” down at Wittenberg Sportsmen’s Club in Woodstock, NY. We shoot some clay pigeons, walk the archery range, do a beer review, cook up some steak and potatoes, and finish up the night with a few beers by the fire. This year was no different.

Firestone Walker’s Double DBA was our beer of choice for the review and we also kicked back the Southern Tier IPA Superpack, 21st Amendment’s Back in Black and Founders Porter. Watch the review up top and check out a few pics below: Continue reading

Pumpkin Imperial Spruce Stout [Mancamping]

This is my fifth appearance on Jay’s Beer Review. It’s like I’m becoming a regular or something!

Today we try out one of the beers we picked up on our Heady Topper run from Rock Art in Morrisville, VT. Extreme Pumpkin Imperial Spruce Stout is a little different because A) it’s not an Ale like most Pumpkins we drink in the fall and B) it’s a stout brewed with pumpkin instead of trying to taste like a pumpkin pie, which I’m totally fine with. One of my biggest complaints about “pumpkin” flavored things is that they don’t actually taste like pumpkin and usually don’t try to. They try to taste like pumpkin pie spice, but not this beer. It had a dark appearance with a hint of red in the body, an off-white two finger head and excellent lacing. Some spruce in the nose and taste, and a very slight pumpkin flavor as well. Dry finish with no evidence of the alcohol for being one of their “Extreme” beers. Heady Topper is mentioned in the vid, and I have to bring this up. Don’t try to drink any other IPAs after drinking Heady Topper. Heady Topper has such hop flavor, and such little malt flavor EVERY other IPA you’ll have for the rest of the day will taste like a fucking malt bomb. You’ve been warned.

Anyways, back to the important stuff: MANCAMPING! This video was shot at Wittenberg Sportsmen’s Club in Woodstock, NY. We spent the day shooting clay pigeons with a 20 guage, shooting the archery course, eating steak and homemade sausage, drinking beers and burning shit. You know, what men do. Ice fishing was out of the question due to how thin the ice was but that’s definitely on schedule for next time.

On the way home we stopped at Sunrise Bagel & Deli in Kingston, home of “the best fucking bagel you’ll ever have” according to Jay. The bagels were great. Laughably big, but delicious. Canned jalapenos in the cream cheese was a little disappointing, but other than that pretty good. However, the people who ran the joint are fucking idiots. They just have no idea how to efficiently take orders, have people pay for them and have people pick their orders up they’re done. There were at least 20 people waiting in a circle (no place to form a line by any means) who had already put in their order with the cook, were waiting for their food and could easily have paid ahead of time, but nope all of that would make too much sense.

Having totally forgotten New Year’s Eve was that night, I went home, crashed for four hours and got ready to party the night away.

All in all I’d call mancamping a success but I definitely need to get some practice in on shooting bow before next year.