Raw Bar at The City Beer Hall | Albany, NY

Dimitrios Menagias at The City Beer Hall

Quick post today. Catch Chef Dimitrios shucking some clams and oysters Friday nights this summer at the new raw bar on the patio of The City Beer Hall. The menu will be rotating to keep things fresh, with two different types of oysters, scrimp cocktail, clams and a little something else at the chef’s whim, from crudo to soft shell crabs to whatever else he can get his hands on. I stopped by with some friends last Friday for a quick bite:

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Artisanal Beer Dinner at The City Beer Hall | Albany, NY

Artisanal Beer Dinner at The City Beer Hall

On Monday night a whole slew of friends braved the impending “storm” to head out to The City Beer Hall’s Artisanal Beer Dinner (you can check out fellow blogger Kim’s post on dinner here). The storm that night ended up being a dud, but thankfully Chef Dimitrios and his crew, pictured above, put together a dinner and pairings that were anything but.

It’s been a while since my last beer dinner at The City Beer Hall and unlike most of the Wild Game Nights that center around the lineup from a specific brewery, this was open to the full range of offerings from local distributor Remarkable Liquids. It was nice that some limited releases were brought in just for the event and were poured for the first time or not available elsewhere in the state. Let’s take a look at the pairings of the night: Continue reading

Bacon Fest at The City Beer Hall

Bacon Fest at The City Beer Hall
Saturday was a beautiful day for the The City Beer Hall’s annual Bacon Fest. Perfect for sitting on the patio, catching up with friends, enjoying some cocktails, eating some pig and cooling down with some Nine Pin Cider. Let’s take a look at the food porn.

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Jack’s Abby Tap Takeover at City Beer Hall

We don’t get too many total tap takeovers in the Capital Region, other than The Ruck’s Dogfish Head Night. I’d like to see more of that happening with different breweries in the area, so when The City Beer Hall featured a Jack’s Abby Tap Takeover Elise and I gladly came down with a big group of friends to check it out.

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Founders Wild Game Night at The City Beer Hall

Still catching up on some of the events that happened before we headed Vermont for vacation, today I wanted to share some pictures and thoughts on May’s Wild Game Night at The City Beer Hall, this time featuring the beers of a wildly popular brewery out of Grand Rapids, Founders Brewing Company.

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Beer tasting with Evil Twin, Emelisse and Stillwater at The City Beer Hall

Espresso Stout by Bierbrouwerij Emelisse
Tap List at City Beer Hall

I feel like we’re coming fresh off the last Remarkable Liquids event at the Lionhart Pub, but even still, Jeremy was able to bring down some new kegs that even the most discerning beer nerds (read: pain in the ass tickers) from Fourteen Stone Drinking Crew wanted to come out and try.

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Hop Harvest Party at The City Beer Hall

— Man, this was a good time and I’m really disappointed that I had to leave so early. Unfortunately, I had this, 30 Days to Dogfish Head Night AND a tasting at Chez Fuj to all make happen in all night.

Lotta great local brews were there that night, including my locals faves Chatham Brewing and Crossroads Brewing. I grabbed some Dr. Loomis Pumpkin Ale from Crossroads, but not before getting some of Chatham’s Hop Crop IPA through what I can only imagine is the area’s first Hop Rocket. These things are badass:

Got to taste a few other beers with the owner of City Beer Hall and Jeremy of Remarkable Liquids, chat up Matt from Chatham and Russ from the Homebrew Emporium for a while and bullshit with the guys from Albany Distilling Company. The visit was short, but a good one. Can’t wait until their next event like this.

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The City Beer Hall’s Hop Harvest Party 2012 – Oct 19th 6PM

Heard about this from Matthew Perry of Chatham Brewing, who should be present with their new fresh hop beer, Hop Crop IPA. And I’m sure Brown’s will be there with their Harvest IPA. Still trying to get a beer lineup for this (hopefully a little Crossroads??). I’ll update as I get more info. The hop station sounds awesome as hell.

Stone Brewing Co. Wild Game Night – The City Beer Hall [Food Porn]

(Totally forgot this post was sitting in my queue and March’s Wild Game Dinner has already passed, so forgive me.) After a huuuuuge debate on the pricing of beer dinners (which I’m not totally against) I decided to bite the bullet and go to this last month’s dinner at The City Beer Hall, as a Valentine’s Day gift from Elise. It featured some pretty awesome, rare beers from Stone Brewing Co and some delicious wild game.

I was lucky enough to sit with some serious beer juggernauts in the Northeast which lead to discussions of where the state of beer is in the Capital District, where it’s going, and what it cold be. All of this while eating some truly unique dishes and impossible to find variations of Stone’s best beers. I’d say that’s a good night, right?