The Wild Geuze Chase (with a pitstop at Moe’s)

— Jon, Dave and I had the day off last Monday so we decided to do a little beer hunting. Our plans to meet up with Merc and Dino for a sour only bottle share that night fell through but we still got to pick up some great beer and even hit up a couple of spots to grab brews, too.

We started the day with some grease from The Other Company (The Dude!), and then made our way over to Spirited in Lenox, MA. At only an hour away from here, the selection was top notch and well worth the trip. Their beer manager Sean was a huge help and it was great bullshitting with him for a while. (No surprise he knew Bill/mrsheeps from his many trips there.)

After that we hit up Trader Moe’s to pick up a couple of more bottles and then went around back to Moe’s Tavern for some The Bruery Oude Tart and some fresh Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point Brewing Company. The place was small, but it had a no bullshit tap list, can, and bottle selection which is A-OK in my book. My only issue was that we were the only three people in there on a Monday afternoon, and we still had a tough time speaking over the (country) music blaring on the stereo. I could have done without that.

Merc was about to head to The Peekskill Brewery before the sour tasting so we decided to meet him down there. It was on the way there that we found out the tasting wasn’t happening, but we decided to head that way anyway. By the time we got there, he had left Peekskill and was on his way to Dicicco’s in Brewster, so I pointed the GPS in that direction.

Dicicco’s beer selection was outstanding. It’s sad that their selection blows away just about everything North of there and they’re “only” a grocery store. Merc, Jon and Dave all stocked up on Bourbon County Brand Stout and a few other things, while I picked up GABF Gold Medal winner Lady of the Woods and Warmer Winter Winter Warmer. We were going to grab a few beers with Merc, but Dicicco’s had recently had a Rogue tap takeover, and after seeing the tap list and the sea of pink bottles on the bar, we hit the road.

At this point, we had only had a couple of beers and hadn’t ate much for lunch (except McD’s Dollar Menu) so we decided to go to Peekskill anyways. I was excited about having a proper scotch egg (after the disappointing one at Henry Street Taproom), but was disappointed to find out it was no longer on the menu. Ugh.

Luckily, there was something even better there: Bourbon County Brand Stout on tap. I knew it was on tap from Merc’s checkins which is why I didn’t pick up any at Dicicco’s. Considering how long of a day it was, and how much more driving I still had to do, I only ordered a half of a glass, but it was delicious like always. Between this, my birthday, Belgium Comes to Cooperstown, and the Hill Farmstead bottle share, I’ve had my fair share of Bourbon County this year and really found no reason to hoard any. (Talk to me when the newest version comes out, though.)

I was a little disappointed with my meal at Peekskill. The burger and fries were overcooked and overpriced, and the “lemon parm” version of the fries tasted like someone covered them with crumbled up lemon drop cookies, way too sweet and sugary. I’ll pass on those next time.

After Dave drank though most of the house beer tap list, we were on our way home. The total haul for the day:

  • Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge by Brouwerij Bockor N.V.
  • Oude Geuze Golden Blend by Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen (my second bottle)
  • 2006 Drie Fonteinen Doesjel by Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen
  • Femme Fatale Brett by Evil Twin Brewing Company (for Merc)
  • Lady of the Woods by Cisco Brewers, Inc.
  • Warmer Winter Winter Warmer by Cigar City Brewing


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The Peekskill Brewery Visit [Road Trip]

Hit up The Peekskill Brewery last Sunday on the way home from Bedford Hills where I picked up my Athena Audition speakers. We actually stopped at Captain Lawrence Brewing Company first, not realizing they were closed on Sundays but Peekskill was so close it didn’t really matter. This place was actually surprisingly good and I’m glad we ended up stopping there instead. Atmosphere was great, bar staff was stellar, and the beers were better than expected. I agree with some of the reviews that the food prices were kinda outa whack but that wouldn’t prevent me from visiting again.

We settled into a couple of stools at the bar with an extremely positive and helpful bartender who offered us several tastings without a hassle and great recommendations. I was rocking my Maker’s Mark shirt I picked up at the distillery and was immediately offered a taste of their Vanilla Bourbon Stout (8.5%), which I was told is made with Maker’s soaked vanilla beans. This was an extremely tasty stout I’ve previously sampled at TAP NY.  Elise grabbed a 10oz of this while I settled down with a tulip glass of Old Wagon Ale at 8.2%. These are beers that are available year-round and highly suggest getting if you’re ever around. There’s a $1 off per beer foursquare special if you’re into that sorta thing, too.

While we sipped on these we put in our order for food, again both dishes on recommendation of the bartender. The local cheese and charcuterie board piqued Elise’s interest and the Scotch egg was touted as a local favorite. I’d never even heard of a Scotch egg before but after listening to the description I knew I had to give it a shot.

It came out presented on a small plate with a few greens on the side. It was a soft-boiled egg (very slightly runny yolk) that’s shell was removed, then wrapped in sausage, breaded and deep fried. This was an extremely unique combo and definitely something I’ll have to try to replicate at home. If you’ve never had this before, you gotta try it at least once.

The local cheese and charcuterie board was honestly a little light for the amount of money it cost. I don’t know if it was just the presentation on the plate or what but as you can see from the picture it looked sparse. Considering we were splitting the board, we knew we were going to have to supplement with something else so I put in a quick order for some of their house-made handcut fries. The fries were awesome.

Somewhere during the meal I was wavering between my second drink being a Super Kitty from Keegan Ales or something else from Peekskill. I generally try not to drink guest brews while at a brewery, but as I’ve mentioned before Keegan’s Joe Mama’s Milk is one of my favorite beers and I just haven’t seen Super Kitty on tap any place else. The always accommodating bartender poured me a taste of the Super Kitty to help me decide. I’m extremely surprised this has a rating of Exceptional on BeerAdvocate. This tasted like Hurricane Kitty with a splash of Malibu Rum. Tons of coconut I wasn’t really expecting from the beer. I passed.

The bartender suggested a glass of their Society & Solitude Series #1, a collaboration beer with Hill Farmstead Brewery, rated the #6 brewery in the world according to Rate Beer. It’s a single hop Double IPA brewed with Sigel Hop Farms’ “high oil” Cascade hops and was god damn delicious. Since this beer isn’t going to be around forever, and Peekskill is one of the few places it’s actually available I just had to get a glass. I’m a big fan of beers made with cascade hops and this beer is no different; huge citrus in the aroma and taste as expected.
Hill Farmstead Society and Solitude #1
There was some sticker shock when we got the bill, but overall Peekskill was a very pleasant experience and it earns a highly recommend from me. It’s conveniently located right at the Metro-North station so the city folk can make a stop without even getting a DUI. They’re in the process of moving to a new location just a block away to expand to a new a 15 bbl system from their current 3.5 bbl system, and I’ll be sure to check out the new digs.