Italian Dinner at Peck’s Arcade | Troy, NY

Italian Dinner at Peck's Arcade

Last night marked the first dinner that Vic, Heather and their team at Peck’s have hosted since the opening of the restaurant back in January. Now that things are settling in at Peck’s it affords them the opportunity to follow up with what used to be their regular Sunday Supper events that have since been on hiatus. (While I never had the opportunity to check one of those out, I was able to make it to their dinner with Grimm Artisanal Ales.) This was an amazing dinner with some really interesting wines I’ve never experienced before. In an effort to share these photos with you before I head out of town this week, I’ll be keeping the commentary to a minimum.

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Peck’s Arcade | Troy, NY

Having missed the grand opening, last week I got the chance to sit down with Kim from The Simple Treat to check out the latest venture from Vic Chistopher and Heather LaVine: Peck’s Arcade. (If you’ve already read Kim’s post on Peck’s you’ll recognize plenty of these dishes.)

I wanted to clear up some things that I’ve had some friends asking about: Peck’s Arcade is the same space that the Tavern Noodle popup was located, and is what was originally being called The Tavern. Peck’s sounds a little less generic and has a little more personality to the name (and I’m sure will ease some issues with social media and web searches for Vic and Heather). Peck’s is located on the Broadway side of their building near The Grocery, with Collar City Hard Pressed sandwiched between the two. Lastly, just because there is “Arcade” in the name it does not mean there are video games here, sorry. With that out of the way, let’s check out the pics of the night.

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Wine Tasting at Goold Orchards

— Elise had the idea to stop at Chatham Brewing when we were done with the our cider doughnut tour, so we stopped back home to pick up a couple of growlers and then made our way to the third stop, Goold Orchards.

Now we almost didn’t make it to Goold’s. There was a bit of a blowup on the Facebook about there being no pick-your-own this season, honestly, things could have been handled a little better on their PR side. The whole fiasco kinda set Elise off a bit, but after some convincing we ended up going anyways.

We had a few of the wines. Some were better than others, but honestly at this point the only thing in my head was “Chatham Brewery, Chatham Brewery, Chatham Brewery”. Knowing we were going to get growler fills there later I held off on getting any bottles of wine.

The Joe Daddy’s hard cider on the chalkboard piqued my interest, as it was the first time I had seen it offered. We all got a taste to try it out, but it was a bit of a let down. It was sweet, it wasn’t dry, it wasn’t spiced, it wasn’t flavored. Supposedly it had some 8 or 9% ABV, but even that wasn’t really present in the flavor. It was just… there.

At this point of the day, after eating doughnuts from three different orchards, I’ve carb-loaded so much I need anything other than doughnuts. Luckily Goold’s had hot dogs and offerings from the grill to fit the bill.

And I couldn’t end the post without a couple of pics from the oh so controversial apples. Apples are apples to me, and while I can see that some families in the area could be disappointed in not being able to Pick-Your-Own this year, have a little sympathy for the families and businesses who depend on you year after year and had a tough crop this season. Going ape-shit over it on Facebook doesn’t really help either party involved.


Goold Orchards (link) | 1297 Brookview Station Rd., Castleton, NY (map) | All Cider Doughnut Tour Posts

Lunch at Ceviche [East Coast Road Trip] | Orlando, FL

Like I said, at this point Elise was all beered out and needed a little change of pace. It was gorgeous out so sitting outside was a must. After scouring the internet we settled on a a highly recommended restaurant that was known for their outdoor dinning…except they no longer had the outdoor space. God dammit.

Our second choice was Ceviche and it couldn’t have been a better find. Located on this strip in downtown Orlando, it that reminded me so much of Pearl St. Tons of workers sitting down for lunch, but a lot of bars and “ultra lounges” where douchebags would congregate closed until late night. It was in the low to mid 80s which meant we were the only ones brave enough to sit outside in the “cold”. (We’re talking about Floridians here.)

The waitress brought us out some seriously strong, but good, sangria. We sipped on that and enjoyed some bread and pesto while sitting in the sun waiting for our dishes to arrive. The lunchtime tapas menu was pretty reasonable so we each got two dishes.

The Chorizo Y Pimentos had five different types of sausage in a tomato sauce with roasted tomatoes, onions, and peppers. It was basically fancied up sausage and peppers but was still pretty delicious. The dish that really knocked it out of the park for me was Patatas Bravas. These were baked, then deep fried potatoes tossed in a spicy aioli. Holy crap this was good. The place is called Ceviche so it would have been foolish of us to not get fish tapas. Elise got the Tabla De Quesos (obviously) along with the Ceviche De Mero, which was grouper marinated with lemon and lime juice, cilantro, jalapeno, and sweet onions.

I can’t reiterate how good of an experience this was. I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a non-touristy meal while in Orlando and will definitely be back again.