All American Badge on Untappd

Coors Banquet

This was, without a doubt, the most difficult badge I’ve ever had to deal with. Not only were the beers difficult to drink, but they were also difficult to find, AND difficult to determine which ones qualified for the badge. Untappd really needs to get their shit together and help a brotha out. There were several beers here I drank unnecessarily just because the badge does not spell out its requirements well. For that good sirs, I bid you “Fuck you”.

2 thoughts on “All American Badge on Untappd

  1. So you were upset that they didn’t tell you what you needed then ranted about it online and didn’t even tell your audience what the needed beers are… FAIL

    1. This was back in 2012, fuuuuck no was I telling anyone how I did this. Everyone in my tasting group were all competing for who could get the most badges I sure as hell wasn’t going to help them with this one. Feel my pain bitches.

      As for what I remember today, it was Bud Platinum, plus Bud/Miller/Coors light versions, plus Bud Heavy andCoors Banquet. Michelob Light and Miller 64 DID NOT COUNT. I can’t remember about Miller High Life but I believe that counted as well.

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