Looks like I’m all set to grill some pizza this summer!


Happy early birthday to me. :) Elise got me the KettlePizza a few months early (my birthday is in late August) so we have the whole summer to enjoy some coal and wood fired pizzas. Let the KettlePizza and Baking Steel hacks begin!

3 thoughts on “Looks like I’m all set to grill some pizza this summer!

  1. I’m jealous…Please write all about it.
    I’ve been dreaming about owning one but I’m just too cheap to spend the money. I can’t see spending the same amount that I paid for my Weber on an accessory.
    I’m considering making my own hack version.

    1. I agree, I feel like you could easily recreate this with some heavy duty aluminum flashing and a little ingenuity. Right now I am trying to recreate the “Prograte” using the same basket for the charcoal they include (it’s a Weber part) and the hinged cooking grate flipped upside down.

      If you could make the insert with aluminum flashing then the rest could easily be done with all Weber parts for much cheaper.

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